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Complete Suite of Software Tools for all your Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety, FRACAS, ILS/LSA, PHM, Technical Publications and more!

provides leading-edge reliability and maintainability computer-aided engineering solutions. ASENT is a comprehensive modular set of software tools that enables you to manage design tasks with ease. ASENT’s tools, which are fully described in the ASENT Brochure allow engineers to turn data into useful, design-impacting information.

ASENT stores all the analysis, performance, and manufacturing data for your entire company, and makes it available for use with any ASENT tool. And because you enter data once, but reuse it many times, ASENT provides a significant productivity boost for your company.

EAGLE toolkit presents a complete logistics solution, from building logistics data and maintaining existing databases to providing reports, technical manuals, and other post-production support.

EAGLE is an enhanced integrated logistics support software system. Its LSAR (Logistic Support Analysis Record) relational database, based on and fully compatible with MIL-STD-1388-2B, provides a complete logistics architecture EAGLE goes beyond 1388-2B’s specifications by adding engineering drawings, technical manuals, video support, and other functions. Current1388-2A and 1388-2B databases can easily be migrated to the EAGLE structure.

AIMSS authoring tool set puts all the technical information you need to maintain complex systems at your fingertips.

The Advanced Integrated Maintenance Support System (AIMSS) is an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM) authoring tool set. AIMSS uses state-of-the-art object database technology that enables you to generate, display, store, retrieve, automate, and deliver Class 4 and 5 IETM formatted projects from your workstation or personal computer. AIMSS is Windows? based software. Its graphical authoring environment requires no programming skills.

Plant Availability Modelling with RAMP
Do you know what are the most critical items of equipment on your plant? Do you know how often they fail and what the consequences on production are when they do? The answers to these questions can have a dramatic effect on your operations and maintenance strategies and also on bottom line performance.

RAMP is a powerful availability modelling package developed specifically for the analysis of process systems. RAMP models the effects of scheduled and unscheduled downtime on process throughput, establishing relationships between equipment reliability, configuration, maintenance strategy, spares and resources.

RAM Commander is a Reliability and Maintainability software for reliability professionals and design engineers. This powerful software program covers the entire scope of engineering tasks related to reliability of electronic, electro-mechanical, and mechanical systems.
Modules cover:

Reliability Prediction
Reliability Block Diagram
Spare Parts Analysis & Optimisation
Derating Guidelines and Reports
FMECA Analysis
Testability Analysis
Process & design FMEA

D-LCC is a powerful yet flexible Life Cycle Costing Program. D-LCC (Decision by Life Cycle Cost) makes the LCC analysis easy and comprehensive. D-LCC is a key tool for managers, decision-makers, engineers, ILS personnel, and other staff involved in system acquisition, proposal writing, management, development, production and through-life support.

FavoWeb – Failure Reporting Analysis & Corrective Action System

The FavoWeb?/font> system is a logistic application allowing collection of failure information and other types of data like corrective action and testing from processes related to different activities of a product in an
organization. The application supports activities in different Life Cycle
Phases like production, development and maintenance.

One of the most important characteristics FavoWeb?/font> has is its Definition Flexibility. No matter what industry the organization belongs to, the application can be customized to fit the requirements. This is done with the help of an administration utility. This utility helps the company’s administrator to define each functional module (Failure reporting for instance), to include different input forms, user-defined fields for each input form, design and style output reports and even select interface language.

Can You Afford Not to Do Sneak Circuit Analysis?


One brake in an automobile suddenly engages because of an unexpected current flow caused when a turn signal relay disconnects
The detonation circuitry in a cruise missile is triggered prematurely because it shares a ground plane with a high current servo control circuit

SCAT the automated tool for Sneak Circuit Analysis will detect design flaws that can lead to such scenarios by finding all:

Reverse current flows (H-patterns)
Power source to power source current flows (Y-domes)
Ground-to-ground current flows
Momentary undesired current paths during switching